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WHA Schulgasse 15

Im Jahr 2013 wurde unser Büro von der Leykam Siedlung mit der Generalplanung inkl. ÖBA für den Neubau einer Wohnanlage in der Schulstrasse in Gratwein beauftragt.

Condominium and Business Centre Split / Croatia, 2012/2013

Sestrinice d.o.o. charged Ingenos.Gobiet with the project management for the construction of the Condominium and Business Centre in Split, Croatia.

Residential Building Raiffeisenweg / Gratkorn, 2013

Leykam Housing Corporation charged Ingenos.Gobiet with the general planning including the construction management for construction of 24 housing units in the Raiffeisenstraße in Gratkorn. The project has been implemented within in 8 phases.

Palais Principe Vienna, 2013

The Palais Principe with a gross floor area of 11.400m² was reconstructed and renovated. Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the general planning.

Penthouse Expansion Schönbrunnerstraße, Vienna, 2013

Penthouse expansion and refurbishment of an object from about 1880.

Refurbishment Residential Building Arndstraße / Vienna, 2012

The residential building in Arndtstraße 19 / Wolfgangsgasse 1 was completely refurbished. Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the general planning.

Residential Building Fuhrmanngasse 1 / Vienna, 2011

In Furhmanngasse 11 in Vienna a traditional "Fuhrwerkerhaus" got reconstructed and enlarged to a modern residential building.

Residential Building Schönbrunner Straße 158 / Vienna, 2011

In Schönbrunnerstraße 158 a new residential building with 25 apartments and 20 underground parking lots hs been constructed.

Residential Building Brünnerstraße 165 / Vienna, 2011

In Brünnerstraße 165 in Vienna 34 apartments, 2 doctor's offices and 1 business office have been constructed.

Single family home Klosterneuburg, 2010

Regarding complex static conditions a high quality single family home in Lower Austria has been construced.

Residential Building Preindlgasse / Vienna, 2009

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the construction management for the residential building in Preindlgasse, Vienna.

Residential Buidling Am Brunnboden / Gratkorn, 2007

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the general planning for the residential building Am Brunnboden in Gratkorn.

Condeminium Antalya Gürsu/Turkey, 2007

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the attendant controls for the condeminium Antalya Gürsu in Turkey.

Simply 11 Business Park and Condominium / Vienna, 2007

In the context of the development of the Business Park under the working title "Simply 11" the Condominium Simply 11 has been developed as well.

Residential Building Sandgasse 41 / Graz, 2006

Referring to changing social structures the project Sandgasse "future housing" has been a research project for new european housing types. Within this project 60 apartments with a net floor area from 60 to 95 m² per apartment have been constructed.

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