Traffice route engineering, transport concepts, local heating plants, opening up for development for business and housing areas,...

Terminal Inzersdorf Building Construction, 2016

Building of a new terminal on the new location of ÖBB for the combined transport. Ingenos.Gobiet is assigned to do the site supervision for the "BGN-Building" with new office rooms, lounges and cloakroomes for the employees.

District Heating Graz - Heinrichstraße, 2011

For the district heating pipline Graz, Heinrichstraße 880m has been passed (700m DN 150/150, 140m DN 100/100 und 40m DN 50/50).

Retaining wall Schwechat, 2008

The city of Schwechat precautionary provided the unsecured slope in the area of "Neukettenhof" between Spirikgasse and Hudlergasse with safety measures.

Rail Cargo ÖBB Terminal Neu

Die Rail Cargo Austria AG beabsichtigt den gegenwärtigen Terminal "Rail Cargo Terminal S.STINO s.r.l" nach Marghera-Venezia an den Standort der aufgelassenen Industrieanlage der "Acciaierie Beltrame" zu verlegen.

District heating pipeline Mellach - Graz, 2011

Ingenos.Gobiet has been charged with the planning for the improvement of the carrier capacity (from 230 to 350 MW) of the existing district heat transmission line Mellach-Graz.