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BMT Gebäudeadaptierung Stremayrgasse 16, 2017

Für die Technische Universität Graz (TU) wurde das denkmalgeschützte Chemielaborgebäude aus den 1950iger Jahren revitalisiert und für eine neue Nutzung durch die Biomedizinische Technik (BMT) adaptiert.

FH Wr. Neustadt City Campus, 2018

Im Jahr 2008 hat sich das Land Niederösterreich für einen Neubau des Landesklinikums Wr. Neustadt auf dem Areal der Civitas Nova entschieden. Dadurch kann auch das, am derzeitigen, innerstädtischen Standort des Landesklinikums Wr. Neustadt befindliche ehemalige Karmeliterkloster in der Schlögelgasse 22-26 einer neuen Nutzung durch die FH Wr. Neustadt zugeführt werden.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria, 2016

In the ongoing second stage of construction for the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) a laboratory building for research under special hygienic conditions is to be built next to a laboratory and office building and a new restaurant.

The Ingenos.Gobiet.GmbH is responsible for the attendant controls.

Secondary School Guntramsdorf, 2016

Construction of a state secondary school in Guntramsdorf with 16 classes and 1 gym. The Ingenos.Gobiet.GmbH was commissioned with the processing of the architecture competition and the project management.

Public Pupil Home Hollabrunn, 2014

The state youth home of Hollabrunn is going to be enlarged (~ 2.500m²) and renovated (~ 1.600m²).

Ingenos.Gobiet supports the Regional State Government within its project management tasks.

Campus WU Vienna, 2014

A new Campus for the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, one of the largest university building sites in the world got constructed. The new Campus is built for more than 23.000 students and has an net area of about 105.000m² in 5 complex of buildings.

Ingenos.Gobiet is in charge of the construction management for all 5 complex buildings.

(c) DI Hübner ZT GmbH

Secondary School Korneuburg, 2011

The regional state government of Lower Austria had decided to improve the possibilities of further education in High Schools and provide a new secondary school for 4 municipalities within the region of Korneuburg.

(c) Hussa-Kassarnig Architekten

School of Forestry Bruck a.d. Mur, 2011

Due to shortage of space and partially low standards of interior equipment the enlargement (7.100m²) and renovation (9.600m²) of the forestry school in Bruck a.d. Mur became necessary.

(c) Nussmüller Architekten ZT GmbH

Elementary School Seiersberg, 2011

The Secondary School of Seiersberg has been enlarged. New class rooms and a school library give the pupils mor space for education, sports and entertainment.

(c) ZOOM für Architekt Christian Mang

School for Special Education Korneuburg, 2011

The new building for the school of special education in Korneuburg with a gross area of about 4.200m² and one gym gives space for about 100 children with special needs.

High School St. Margarethen a.d. Raab, 2011

Within two construction phases the High School St. Margarethen a.d. Raab has been completely refurbished and enlarged. Ingenos.Gobiet has been in charge of the project management and construction-site inspection.

Secondary School Ternitz, 2010

Due to its shortage of space the Secondary School of Ternitz has been constructed (4.100m²).

(c) SHIBUKAWA Eder Architects

Secondary School Neulengbach, 2010

The newly built Secondary School of Neulengbach includes 10 classes, 7 special classes and one gym.

Anticorruption Academy Laxenburg, 2010

Interpol has been in need of an international Anti-Corruption Academy. Therefore the regional state government of Lower Austria placed the Palais Kaunitz in Laxenburg at disposal.

Old University Vienna, 2010

In consideration of the architectural specifics of the landmarked building of the Old University in Vienna a space allocation plan was created and the facade has been refurbished.

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